The old-fashioned cool cellar

Villa Schindler was Federico Schindler's farm where he always produced fine wines from the vines on the property. Unfortunately it was not possible to recover the very old vineyards. However, the 700 olive trees that surround the villa have been pruned and recovered, brought back into production, and now produce about 350 litres of first-rate pure organic extra-virgin olive oil that can be sampled! Some of the olive trees below the villa are more than 300 years old!Anna offers her guests an excellent balsamic vinegar based condiment that is enjoyed on our local cheese!The large and cool cellar is located under the terrace and once a week hosts the friendly Antonio Leali who offers our guests various qualities of wine, produced in his vineyard not far from Villa Schindler. We also have two orchards that produce excellent organic fruit that is served for breakfast.