Wellness weeks

Exciting Announcement for 2023! Wellness comes to the Villa Schindler…

We are excited to invite you to a new series of Wellness Weeks at Villa Schindler

Join legendary visionary owner artist and people-connector, Anna Brotto for three weeks of Wellness at Villa Schindler. We will be collaborating with award-winning Wellness Program Designer and author, Alina Hernandez Health & Wellness Coach who has designed a unique and memorable Wellness Journey to accompany us during these weeks. Each week will include:

Living in Rhythm with Nature and our natures

  • Circadian Rhythms for Health and Wellness
  • Nutrition for enhancing Immune Systems function and Mental Fitness
  • Our physical world, our physical selves: Nature Bathing Hikes and Yoga
  • Beauty Treatments: Going beyond the skin
  • Mindfulness practices: meditation and breathing for stress resilience
  • The Power of Storytelling, and living the Blue Zones lifestyle, and much more…

We will be organizing three Wellness Weeks:

  • Saturday, 01.04 to Saturday, 08.04.2023

  • Saturday, 29.04 to Saturday, 06.05.2023

  • Saturday, 07.10 to Saturday, 14.10.2023

Wellness Week includes:
Wellness Package including experiences and treatments and 7 nights stay at the Villa Schindler with full board
We will be preparing the final program in the next weeks. Each week programm will have a maximum of 10 places. Check in with us for more details and reserve your place!

Give yourself the gift of Wellness.