Exciting Announcement: Wellness comes to the Villa Schindler…

We are excited to invite you to a new series of Wellness Weeks at Villa Schindler

We are collaborating with award-winning Wellness Program Designer and author, Alina Hernandez, Health & Wellness Coach who has designed a unique and memorable Wellness Journey to accompany us during these weeks. Each week will include:

  • Living in Rhythm with Nature and our natures
  • Circadian Rhythms for Health and Wellness
  • Nutrition for enhancing Immune Systems function and Mental Fitness
  • Our physical world, our physical selves: Somatic Movement Practice, Nature Bathing Hikes and Yoga
  • Cold Plunge: For stress relief and vitality
  • Mindfulness practices: meditation and breathing for stress resilience
  • Social Wellness and Let's Talk About Wellness, and living the Blue Zones lifestyle, and much more…


The Art of Renewal: Living Wellness in Spring
Wellness package 5 nights/6 days with experiences and treatments in Villa Schindler with full board
Your package includes:
Room + Tax for 5 nights
Full Pension: breakfast, lunch, and dinner
All Wellness activities and experiences

€ 1,085, per person
To book now contact us
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Tel. 0039 365651046

For regular guests or friends of Villa Schindler and and for all those who will support this beautiful new project.
If you take part in our wellness program and you bring a friend, you will have 20% discount.

**Gift yourself wellness**.

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